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How To Win in the Indian Market With Localization

The Essential Guide for Engaging Consumers in a Nation With 22 Official Languages

Translation and Localization in India

For business, opportunity beckons in India. Home to one of the oldest civilizations on earth, India is also an emerging market with hundreds of millions of upwardly-mobile consumers who are ready and willing to buy.

A few facts

  • India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, with a GDP that has grown by at least 5% every year since 2012, and accounts for 15% of global growth today

  • By 2025, India will be the world’s third-largest consumer market, with the largest middle class on the planet

  • Growth in India is explosive, with a 4x increase in consumer spending projected by 2030, fueled by an estimated 1 billion Internet users at that time

The challenge of localization in India

And yet, unlike most other nation-states that are also economic powerhouses, India is not unified by a single common language. Rather, India is one of the most linguistically-diverse places on Earth, with:

  • 22 official/ major languages

  • 122 main languages

  • 1,599 dialects

  • 13 written scripts

Quite simply, effective marketers need to speak to Indian consumers in the local languages they use every day. That’s the WHY of localization. But with so many Indian consumers to reach, and so many languages spoken, where should you start? Hindi? Bengali? Tamil? How can even the most ambitious translation and localization programs effectively reach such a varied target market?

Eager to learn how to make an impact in this opportunity-rich market? Download the whitepaper today!

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Sophia Eakins