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The Definitive Guide to Interpretation Services

Discover Lionbridge's real-time communication services

Keep Communication Flowing

Interpretation services are essential to enabling effective multilingual communication. Lionbridge offers over 350 languages in interpretation—the largest in the industry—making us a reliable partner in a crisis. With four virtual call centers enabling around the clock care, we provide fast, scalable, quality-assured interpretations.

Lionbridge preserves the workflow for your business through our:

  • Telephony platform that can account for volume surges with a consistent uptime of 99.95% or greater
  • Fast connections (8 to 10-second connection time for Spanish; 12 to 15-second connection time for other top languages)
  • Customizable call flow and account setup tailored to each individual customer’s needs

Read the guide to learn:

  • How Lionbridge helped establish an interpretation services emergency plan after Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico—and supported a 700% increase in call volume with just 24 hours’ notice
  • How attention, expertise and branding are some of the qualities essential to being an exceptional interpretation services provider
  • How to get started creating your organization’s multilingual customer experience strategy, and how to create a consistent customer experience across languages

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Christy Kuesel
Christy Kuesel