Translation, Localization, Transcreation: What You Need and When

Which language service is right for your communication needs?

You can view translation, localization, and transcreation as different flavors of cross-cultural communication

How can you decide which “ation” is right for sharing your message with a new market? First, you’ll need to choose your overarching accuracy goal: are you aiming for a literal translation or emotional resonance—or a mix of both?

Translation is the most exact process for switching between languages and focuses on precisely matching source and target languages. Localization, which by its nature includes some translation, further adapts the translated language to optimize linguistic and cultural sensitivity. Transcreation, the newest term of these three, loosens some of the rigidity of exact word-for-word translation in favor of conveying the intended “feel” of the content across languages.

Which service is right for you? Check out the following table to help you identify your needs. Ready to consult with a language services provider? Reach out to us today and get started.

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April M. Crehan
April M. Crehan