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The Lionbridge AI-powered Content Platform That Helps You Localize Everything™

The Lionbridge Language Cloud boosts your content output and enhances the quality and performance of that content across more languages through cutting-edge language AI.

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Lionbridge Language Cloud™

Localize more, better, faster, in even more languages.

Harness the Lionbridge AI-powered Language Cloud to significantly increase your content velocity. Push multilingual code out faster, create multimarket customer experiences (CX), and get in front of more new customers in new markets. Our next-generation content platform leverages powerful insights derived from our Smart Content™ algorithms to automate the entire content journey. 

You’ll be able to create better source content and improve target language delivery to attain previously unachievable content performance.

Enhance your localization process by reducing friction between the many teams responsible for content creation, accelerating speed, and lowering costs. The scalable power of AI and automation combined with the finesse of best-fit translators result in engaging content, so your products and services stand out. You’ll reach more customers in more languages and increase your growth rates across existing markets. 

Built on top of the world’s largest corpus of professionally translated content, the Lionbridge Language Cloud capitalizes on our cadre of language experts who will help you tune and optimize our platform to supercharge your content journey and support your exacting standards.

The Lionbridge Language Cloud catapults you into the multiverse—a place where you can achieve your multichannel, multilingual needs at scale and reap extraordinary multimarket success. 

Why Depend on the Lionbridge Language Cloud?

Today’s leading enterprises recognize language is integral to deliver optimal customer experience and drive global growth. Our next-generation Localization Platform offers you six powerful language modules purpose-built for your tactical localization needs. Select the modules and solutions that meet a specific need or leverage them all for the best-in-class results.


All Content, Every Modality

The Lionbridge Language Cloud works across all your content types. Whether you have text, graphics, audio, video, code, or metadata, the Lionbridge Language Cloud can easily ingest and transform all your content.

Powered by our language data and guided by Smart Content, the Language Cloud determines the optimal workflow for each piece of content. It matches your content to the right translator and figures out the best processes to deliver the quality and content performance you choose for each batch of content. 

The Power of AI

The Lionbridge Language Cloud’s AI-powered technology enables companies to provide a consistent brand voice across channels. By effectively speaking with customers on all channels, brands engender trust, promote engagement, build long-lasting relationships, and ultimately sustain growth.

Understanding, scoring, tagging, and optimizing source content is the fulcrum for localizing everything. Our Language Cloud relies on our Smart Content solution, which uses the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI to automatically assess 120+ attributes, such as bias and readability. 

Our Vast Community Will Care For Your Content

The Lionbridge Language Cloud connects your content to the Lionbridge Language Community™, which is one of the largest communities on the market. Members from 150+ countries are ready to work on your content. Want to translate from a long-tail language? Need simultaneous interpretation for English into Chinese? Have to get your video subtitled into Swahili? Our language community has you covered.

Next-level Efficiency

The Lionbridge Language Cloud utilizes numerous MT engines to bring you the best results with the greatest efficiency. MT quality has dramatically improved, but no single MT engine is best for all domains, language pairs, or use cases. The Language Cloud’s Smart MT™ is the only enterprise-grade MT platform that marries multiple MT engines, MT methodologies, purpose-built customized trainings, and omnichannel integrations. One platform supports your localization workflows, real-time customer support needs, and internal translation needs. Train once. Use everywhere. Be a step ahead, always.

Hyper-connected to All Content Sources

The Lionbridge Language Cloud helps companies overcome the complexity associated with elaborate technology stacks. While numerous, interconnected systems that power content journeys support digital-first business needs, they add complexity to the process. As a result, companies find it increasingly difficult to keep track of content and achieve efficiency. The Lionbridge Language Cloud uses a portfolio of partners and integrations to lessen the burdens associated with a complex tech stack.

Powered by Smart Data™

The Lionbridge Language Cloud’s intelligence stems from our 25-year experience as a localization innovation leader. During this time, we have amassed the most extensive language data warehouse of professionally translated content to augment and enhance your content. Our proprietary metadata management system gives your content the attributes and meaning needed to power dozens of AI algorithms and help you localize more content better and faster than ever before.

Language Quality for Winning Digital Experiences

The Lionbridge Language Cloud’s flexibility enables you to translate each piece of content at varying quality levels — and with differing speed and cost — to keep your brand voice consistent for enhanced customer experiences. You’ll translate terms once to create Translation Memories (TMs), glossaries, and style guides. The Language Cloud platform will automatically apply these linguistic assets throughout the platform to ensure brand voice consistency across all digital channels, reduce translation rework, and achieve cost savings.


Analytics for Localization Business Intelligence

Lionbridge Language Cloud Analytics allows you to follow your localization projects in real time, identify business trends, and make wise decisions about your localization programs based on data. It enables you to generate a bigger content and localization ROI by providing insight into your localization costs and performance. Best of all, it’s free as a part of the Language Cloud platform and Lionbridge services.

The Lionbridge Language Cloud

Four Service Models To Achieve Your Content Goals

The Lionbridge Language Cloud is the underpinning of Lionbridge’s localization services. Whether you require localization to enable global communications or want to translate straightforward content, Lionbridge’s translation and localization service models provide solutions to meet all your language needs.

Smart MT Portal

The Smart MT Portal is a self-service, real-time text and document translation app. It’s for teams and professionals in enterprises working across many geographies and languages who need to understand foreign language texts immediately.

Gengo, A Lionbridge Company

Gengo is an online, self-service translation platform for reliable translations by human translators. It’s for teams who must accurately translate simple, ad hoc, or static content for their products or activities.

Get a quote or order directly from Gengo today.

Lionbridge Cloud

Lionbridge Cloud is a managed localization service that uses our state-of-the-art localization platform, Lionbridge Language Cloud. It’s for product or content owners who need external production to standardize their localization workflows and extend their capacity to handle large, recurring content streams.

Lionbridge Enterprise

Lionbridge Enterprise is a specialized localization service for the most sophisticated companies with large and complex localization programs. It’s for teams who manage localization as an internal business and technology capability and require customized workflows and technology interfaces.

How the Lionbridge Language Cloud Boosted Le Monde’s Subscriber Count

When iconic French news group Le Monde debuted their English service, Le Monde in English, they needed a translation solution that could handle the complexities of the 24-hour news cycle. Using the Lionbridge Language Cloud, Le Monde was able to cut translation turnaround time, provide comprehensive coverage of the French presidential election, and attract thousands of new subscribers to their service. Learn more about Le Monde’s use of the Language Cloud in our case study.


Reduced Friction

A smooth localization process leads to fewer reworks, faster reviews, and shorter turnaround times.

Best-fit Matching

The best translator matched to your job results in fewer mistakes and better quality. 

Best Data

Automated, intelligent decisions using the best data produces the right workflows and higher quality.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Need some more information about content governance and the Lionbridge Locaⁱlization Platform? Here are the answers to the questions our customers frequently ask.

Machines Are Your Friends: The Future is Now

Ready or not, an AI-powered localization industry is here. While this technological shift makes some people uneasy, we embrace language AI as a profoundly important tool whose benefits are a game-changer:

  • It helps companies meet the growing demand for more content and digital experiences across additional languages.
  • It enables brands to Localize everything and connect to their global customers in more ways they ever thought possible.

You will fully capitalize on language AI by using it throughout the entire content journey.

As localization professionals debate AI’s disruption to the industry, Lionbridge leaders challenge you to adopt a new perspective that involves imagining a different future. Learn more in the article cross-posted in the November/December 2021 issue of multilingual.com.

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