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Our people are our pride, helping companies resonate with their customers for 20+ years. 

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Lionbridge Laⁱnguage Cloud™ Workflow Technology

Supercharge all your language operations with AI decision-making for an optimal content journey.

Localization Workflow Now Simplified

Achieve a seamless localization process fast with our content localization platform designed for the digital age.

Localization technology is complex. Unlike the TMSs offered by other LSPs, you don’t have to buy our technology. We don’t think you should have to pay to manage your localization. We handle all the complexity associated with running it to simplify your operations.

The Lionbridge Lainguage Cloud:

  • Provides the benefits of a robust localization platform without burdening you with its complexity and costs.
  • Makes localization operations smoother and smarter through our proprietary TMS tool, built from 20+ years of localization experience. 
  • Is free for all Lionbridge customers, which is of the utmost importance.

Now augmented with the latest AI, the Lionbridge Lainguage Cloud automates localization decisions. It selects the best workflow for each piece of content, identifies the right translator for the job, and alerts you if it detects text that fails to meet your quality standards. And it does all of this at scale to give you the content velocity you need to grow your business.

Workflow Technology

The Future of Language Technology: Understanding When to Use Language Translation Management Software

Is it always necessary to purchase translation management software? Maybe not. Read our blog to learn when your organization needs a third-party Translation Management System (TMS) and when engaging a Language Service Provider (LSP) is a better strategy.

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Companies can shorten the localization process and speed project completion by creating source content that is easy to localize in the first place. But how?

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How do you decode the language of translation providers? Here’s our cheat sheet: 10 translation and localization acronyms you need to know, defined.

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What are the best use cases for a Translation Proxy and why must one proceed with caution when considering the technology?

A New Way To Think About AI and Localization

Why does Lionbridge embed “ai” in select words? It’s to underscore the important role Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays throughout the translation and localization process.

What is Smairt?

The combination of smart and AI points to the evolution of a frictionless localization process as AI learns and enables that process to improve over time.

What is Lainguage?

The combination of language and AI emphasizes the importance of language AI to succeed in a digital-first marketplace by boosting content output and enhancing the quality and performance of that output across more languages. 

What is Trainslation?

The combination of translation and AI refers to the synergy created when AI complements the work of talented translators, which enables companies to handle more content and grow their businesses.

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