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Lionbridge Unlimited

Unlimited machine translation for eDiscovery, litigations and investigations at a single low price.

Simplify your translation process.

With Lionbridge, accurate legal machine translation is only a click away.


While delivering legal services can be challenging and complex, obtaining translations to support your cases doesn’t have to be.  Whether you need an instant turnaround translation of a client letter or a large set of documents translated for a cross-border litigation or investigation, we can help.

Lionbridge Unlimited provides a single secure hub for all of your legal machine translation projects. With a central dashboard that allows you to order, monitor and review translations, you can translate hundreds of documents in just a few clicks.

Why Lionbridge?

Reduce your legal translation costs

Our best-in-class machine translation offering can securely translate both single documents and document sets of any size at a fraction of the cost of human translation projects. With unlimited access to our machine translation engine, you can dramatically reduce the cost of your legal translation.

Simplify your translation process

Save your team hundreds of hours of unnecessary administrative time by bringing all of your projects into one secure system. In just a few clicks, you can request and receive machine translations within minutes—freeing up time to work with your clients instead of translation vendors.

Improve the security of your legal translations

Our state-of-the-art security and privacy features ensure that our clients’ data is never stored, either on the cloud or on our servers. We have built out extensive processes to ensure that any sensitive data is identified and fully protected.

Our Legal Services Customers

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File Criteria:

  • Acceptable file format: Office formats (.docx, xlsx, pptx etc), plain text, xml. 
  • Embedded images do not get translated 
  • Active PDF’s and outlook files are not an acceptable file format for no touch.  
  • One language pair