Global Digital Experience Assessments

We offer a full suite of services that lets you know exactly where you stand with your customers and what’s getting in the way of your relationship. Get actionable insight to deliver meaningful global digital experiences that will enhance customer engagement and increase revenue.  

Are You Providing Global Digital Experiences That Engage Your Customers and Drive Loyalty? How Would You Know?

Gain insight with Lionbridge’s Global Digital Experience Assessments.

Our comprehensive services enable you to understand how your customers interact with your brand. We assess their interactions when they visit your website, make purchases, engage in live chats, open support tickets or use social media.

We use sophisticated tools that provide you with hard data and actionable recommendations to help you invest in your content wisely and deliver digital experiences that will continuously engage your customers. After delivering outstanding digital customer experiences in your existing markets, we’ll help you figure out which locales and languages to pursue next. Our assessments ensure that you get the biggest return on your localization investment.

Global Digital Experience Assessments Help Perfect Your Digital Customer Experiences and Grow Your Global Presence

Global Digital Experience Assessments examine your technology and content. Use readily available external data for these assessments. Add internal information for a deeper evaluation. You may analyze a few locales or widen your scope to many markets. The more information you collect, the more you will learn about your customer engagement and the more opportunities you will have to strengthen it.

Categories Assessed

Lionbridge’s Global Digital Experience Assessments focus on these key areas:

  • Global Geo-Targeting—Analyzes your search performance to see if the right content is showing in the right markets and identifies opportunities for improvement
  • Technical SEO—Evaluates the technical aspects of your website to ensure your site has no barriers to performing in search results globally and to ensure a secure and satisfying user experience
  • Search Analysis—Examines branded and unbranded keyword search performance in multiple markets to identify ways to present content more effectively in search results 
  • Localization ROI—Quantifies the return on your localization investments in each locale, so you can demonstrate value and make data-driven decisions before making new investments
  • Linguistic Audit—Measures the quality of your content to help you address issues like bias or readability, so you can create effective content before it gets localized into other languages 

Data Analyzed

Lionbridge uses a variety of data to provide insights into market potential and to determine how well a website is operating in any given market. Lionbridge examines:   

  • Widely available market data like industry size and internet penetration.
  • Publicly available data from testing and auditing tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix and Semrush.  
  • Aggregated internal data from sources like Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
  • Your content analyzed against our extensive language corpus and evaluated for linguistic issues that may impact performance.

The synthesis of all this data enables Lionbridge to connect market potential with performance and guide customers to get the most out of their localization initiatives. We help companies identify and correct technical issues, maximize the performance of their content and figure out which markets to enter or divest.  

Our ability to combine SEO, business strategy and language insights uniquely positions us to provide reliable localization investment guidance that is backed by hard data.  

Markets Scored

How many of your markets should be evaluated or scored? It all depends on your goals. You have the choice of analyzing a few markets or running a comprehensive assessment across all the markets your company operates in. If you want to understand the ROI on content and identify systemic issues across the board, you would be best served by addressing all your locales. We typically recommend this avenue for companies that have never partaken in a Global Digital Experience Assessment. If you want to enhance the digital experiences in particular markets, you can opt to obtain scores for only those markets. We typically recommend this approach for companies that have already had an initial assessment of their technology and content.

Three Tiers of Service

Whether you want to test out our service, select our pre-packaged Global Digital Experience Assessments offering or fully customize services to score more markets, broaden the scope of analysis and augment the depth of data collected, our distinct service levels allow you to select exactly what you need.  

Freemium Service

This no-cost service for eligible companies assesses how well you are delivering content to your intended geographic target. Using a combination of market-leading audit tools and in-depth manual analysis, we demonstrate the power of our assessments, and you learn how to make small changes for maximum in-language performance. This option is ideal for companies that want to better understand how their investments will provide the return they expect. It will also identify whether a more thorough assessment is needed.    

What you get:   

  • An assessment of your global geo-targeting performance 
  • An analysis of your technology, content and search results across your primary markets   
  • Prioritization of your existing and prospective markets based on global economy data and total addressable markets using the CSA Research Global Revenue Forecaster – Lite tool 

Premium Service

For our Premium service, we use both public and internal data to give you a comprehensive overview of your global search performance. Content performance is included in the scope, creating insights into your content structure and performance in search results. You obtain insight into the ROI per locale, which enables you to make well-informed market investment decisions based on hard data. 

What you get:

  • Technical and content scores
  • Assessments of your global geo-targeting performance, technical SEO, search performance and localization ROI
  • Prioritization of your existing and prospective markets based on global economy data and total addressable markets using the CSA Research Global Revenue Forecaster – Full tool

Custom Service

Our Custom service builds upon the Premium service level by adding deeper content analysis. The Custom service provides insights into the readability and quality of your content. It also identifies bias and non-inclusive language. You will be positioned to fix and optimize existing content, fill content gaps and make informed investment decisions. 

What you get:

  • Technical and content scores
  • Assessments of your local geo-targeting performance, technical SEO, search performance and localization ROI  
  • Prioritization of your existing and prospective markets based on global economy data and total addressable markets using the CSA Research Global Revenue Forecaster – Full tool
  • A linguistic audit that uses Lionbridge’s extensive language data and the latest AI advancements to assess more than 120 content characteristics, such as readability

Lionbridge’s Unparalleled Language Corpus Facilitates the Creation of Top-Notch Content

As a leader in the localization industry, Lionbridge has amassed an unparalleled amount of data through its translation work. We analyze some of that data in a secure environment that respects our customers’ privacy to help our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Translation (MT) systems deliver enhanced services. Lionbridge’s language corpus includes 400 million words. We handpicked these words from a total of 40 billion words that we translated across languages and domains over the last decade. We use this data to fine-tune our AI and MT systems, create benchmarks for our customers’ content and provide first-rate content recommendations. 

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