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Across industries, at every step in your globalization journey. Here's how...


Create Content for Global Audiences

We help you create highly specialized technical content that’s primed to go global—like technical manuals, regulatory filings, or marketing creative.

Transform Content So It Resonates

You designed your content for one language, region, or audience—we’ll translate, localize, transcreate it so it works for all.


Test Content, Products, and Services in Every Language, On Every Device

Form factors. Consoles. Devices. Apps. Modules. We help ensure your customer experience is perfect.

Train AI: Data Collection, Transformation and Relevance Testing

We help make your intelligent systems even smarter.


We are Lionbridge.

The trusted partner of thousands of companies around the world.


It all starts with you.

Have personal global ambition? Here’s your chance to work on some of the world’s most important and exciting projects and with the planet’s most innovative brands.

Your machines. Our people.

We combine the power of AI with the contextual insight of people to train your intelligent machines to be better, faster, more powerful—and more human.

273 Million

That’s how many words we translate each month.

GDPR: What Does It Mean for Global Marketers?

Changes are afoot. But new challenges often uncover exciting opportunities. Here’s what you need to know.

How Lionbridge helped Canon save money, streamline operations, and migrate thousands of pages of content.

"Lionbridge’s dedication and commitment to achieving Canon’s sometimes extremely challenging deadlines has been exemplary."

Digital Systems & Publishing Manager, Canon