Content Evaluation Solutions

Personalize ads, search, maps, and more with custom content evaluation services.

What is Content Evaluation?

Consumers expect to be served content that is both useful and relevant, whether it's through social media, ads, or search results. As a result, it has become increasingly important for businesses to personalize content for users in every market and language. Content evaluation services help businesses pinpoint key areas for improvement, ultimately driving higher retention and a better user experience. However, obtaining enough diverse data is oftentimes a difficult roadblock.

Lionbridge has 20+ years of experience designing custom content evaluation programs for the world's biggest brands. With access to a community of over 1 million global contributors, Lionbridge is well positioned to support large scale content evaluation efforts. Whether you need humans to rate ad listings, verify map data, or moderate multimedia content, you can trust Lionbridge to improve your user experience.

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We supply the world's leading companies with content evaluation outsourcing

Our Content Evaluation Services


Search Evaluation

Optimize your search engine with Lionbridge's search evaluation services. Our expert multilingual and multicultural analysts can review and evaluate search results against your specific guidelines.

Ad Evaluation

Maximize the performance and effectiveness of your ads. Our team of reviewers can evaluate sponsored listings for relevance, intent, and cultural context to improve user experience in all markets.

Social Media Evaluation

Social media data can reveal consumer patterns and business trends to guide your marketing strategy. Utilize our crowd to evaluate your social media content.

Content Moderation

Lionbridge helps companies worldwide scale content moderation efforts using custom-built teams of local experts that review website content, social media posts, and product reviews.


Lionbridge is a global leader in geo-local data evaluation services. Gain access to in-market evaluators who can find and verify driving and walking directions, local business information, and addresses.

Machine Translation Quality Evaluation

Our team of professional linguists can provide the language data you need to evaluate and retrain your machine translation algorithm.

Our Content Evaluation Tools

Develop specialized datasets through our fully customizable platform.

Why Lionbridge?


With over 1 million in-market evaluators worldwide, you can easily scale your content evaluation efforts without compromising on speed or quality.


With over two decades of experience working with the world's largest companies, Lionbridge has the expertise to design a fully customized program for your content evaluation project.


Whether you're working with personally indentifiable information (PII) or require a team of on-premise evaluators, we can create solutions for the most sophisticated compliance needs.


1,000,000+ Contributors


300+ Languages



20+ Years of experience

Case Studies


Multilingual Search Evaluation

Our experts labeled over 200,000 English and Bahasa Indonesian search queries for Traveloka, one of Southeast Asia’s largest online travel companies.

Social Media Ad Evaluation

For an ongoing, multi-year project with one of the world's biggest social networking platforms, we review over 1 million social media ads per month.

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