Data Collection Services

Build high-quality datasets using our expert community.

What is Data Collection?

Data collection is used to create diverse, custom datasets for training machine learning models. However, in order for certain AI algorithms to generalize well, your training data needs to be collected from proper sources, in diverse environments, and free of bias. From images and video to speech data and handwritten text, gathering data requires strict quality protocols, a trained workforce, and a managed platform to store or label the data. 

At Lionbridge, our internal team of data scientists harnesses our global community of 1 million contributors to create the perfect sample group or workforce for your project. After carefully selecting the perfect contributors for your project, we use our data collection and annotation platform to create tailored training data at scale. 

Audio Data Image and Video Data Text Data

We supply the world's leading companies with data collection outsourcing


Our Data Collection Services


Image and Video Collection

Our experts in medicine, law, linguistics, and data science have helped numerous Fortune 500 tech companies collect and record the image or video data they need to train their models.

Audio Data Collection

Collect, annotate, or classify speech data and other audio data to improve ASR, speech-to-text, and other voice recognition models in over 300 languages. 

Text Collection

From medical records and prescriptions to legal contracts and historical texts, collecting text data and handwritten data is paramount to the success of numerous machine learning technologies. 

Our Audio Data Collection Platform

Collect audio data, manage contributors, and store your files on our all-in-one data annotation, collection, and evaluation platform.


Why Lionbridge?



Lionbridge has completed data collection projects for the world’s largest companies in over 300 languages worldwide. 


Our global community of contributors, computational linguists, and data scientists will provide you with the resources to collect data at scale.

Privacy and Security

Our global offices have multiple ISO certifications. We work hard to make sure your data and your client's data is kept safe and secure.


20+ years of experience


○ 1 million+ multilingual contributors



50+ offices worldwide

Case Studies


Dialogue Collection in English and French

We built comprehensive dialogue datasets containing over 30,000 conversations in both English and French to help one of the world's leading technology companies develop cutting-edge software.

Speech Data Collection for Voice Search Queries

Lionbridge helped one of the world's largest software enterprises maintain their multilingual voice search engine through speech data creation, development, and testing services.

Annotation support for any workflow


Work with our annotators


Expert project management

Guideline and taxonomy development

Access to 1 million annotators

Customized quality assurance

Delivery in any file format



Equip your annotation team


Licensed annotation platform

Subscription-based seating plan

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