Natural Language Processing Services

Enhance and develop NLP systems with custom-built text and audio datasets.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language processing allows computer systems to read and understand natural language data for a varety of analytical and speech-based applications. By analyzing and labeling the text data in correspondence, news, and social media, modern businesses are finding new ways to please customers, enter new markets, and improve sales. However, collecting and processing data for a comprehensive, multilingual NLP project is a complex task. Building a high-quality NLP system means knowing where to start, and what data best suits your needs.

Lionbridge is a leading provider of NLP services, with 20 years of experience in the collection, annotation, and localization of text and audio data. With access to experienced data scientists and a community of language specialists, Lionbridge is well-positioned to support a wide range of natural language processing projects including sentiment analysis, automatic speech recognition, and chatbot training data.

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Our NLP Services


Automatic Speech Recognition

Our community of linguists collects, annotates, and transcribes datasets for ASR systems. We can gather audio speech data, transcribe in line with project guidelines, and transpose voice grammar rules into over 300+ languages.


Lionbridge helps to build text-to-speech solutions through audio data collection, audio evaluation, and data entry services. This improves user engagement in technology including virtual assistants and voice search systems.

Proofing Tools

From linguistic annotation to grammar rule creation and language-specific ontologies, Lionbridge has a wealth of experience in the building and developing of proofing tools to make the writing experience quicker and more accurate for your users.

Virtual Assistants

Our community of data scientists and language experts can help you build virtual assistants, from collection and classification of audio samples to grammar creation and audio transcription.

Chatbot Training Data

Lionbridge can help you build and develop a custom dataset annotated for intent variation, ranging from help desk chatbots to ecommerce shopping assistants.

Our NLP Annotation Platform

Develop specialized datasets through our fully customizable platform.


Why Lionbridge?


Multilingual Support

Our community of linguists stretches across more than 5,000 cities worldwide, making us well equipped for projects designed to reach audiences across the globe.


We can connect you with experienced data scientists and language experts to help support your project.


Our team can help you ensure the quality necessary for your NLP projects through built-in validation, spot-checking, a worker seniority system, and more.


1,000,000+ Contributors



300+ Languages


20+ Years of Experience

Case Studies


Search Query Classification

For the online travel service company Traveloka, our multilingual crowd labeled over 150,000 English and Bahasa Indonesian search queries. The data was used to develop a context-based search engine.

Proofing Tool Development

Our team of engineers, computational linguists, and other language specialists helped a client to develop a range of state-of-the-art grammar and spelling correction tools.

Sentiment Annotation in 14 Languages

Lionbridge AI performed sentiment annotation on over 20,000 text records. The data was used to help our client's text analytics perform reach fluency in 14 languages.

Annotation support for any workflow


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Expert Project Management

Guideline and taxonomy development

Access to 1 million annotators

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