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Technology Solutions for Interpretation Services

Discover how Lionbridge’s latest technology solutions can eliminate friction and deliver better customer experiences 

Knowledgeable, qualified interpreters are the backbone of the interpretation services industry. Combining these experienced linguists with the latest technology can take your customer service experience to the next level. Discover how Lionbridge’s phone interpretation services use flexible technology solutions to enable transparency, eliminate friction and deliver the best customer experience.

For technology to most effectively serve a customer’s needs, it needs to be flexible and customer-centric. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of being able to quickly shift operations remotely without causing interruptions for the customer. As the pandemic hit, many interpretation service providers struggled to pivot from brick-and-mortar call centers without the technology necessary to maintain a high quality of service. This shift led to dropped calls, lower quality audio and other concerns, which led to increased costs for the customer.

Lionbridge has embraced a flexible, blended model for years, enabling us to shift operations when a disaster hits. Our phone interpreters are prepared for anything and ready to shift gears at a moment’s notice.

“Lionbridge has used a virtual call center model for years, so we were ready for the challenges the pandemic brought,” said John Drugan, Government Sales Director for Lionbridge.

Our flexible model has all the sophistication and functionality of a physical call center while allowing us to shift operations remotely when needed, without causing any disruptions.

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The Latest Tech to Meet Your Needs

The most updated technology solutions can also ease friction for the customer. Lionbridge’s technology helps lessen pain points like dropped calls, platform instability and inaccurate billing. Our cost minimizing technology gives customers confidence in what they are paying.

“Lionbridge is incorporating technology to help proactively ensure that calls are clear and connections are stable,” said Susan Gryder, Director of Sales for Over-the-Phone Interpretation.

We also take pride in our transparency. Our technology gives customers access to their own data and to their program managers, ensuring they can fully understand every call.

Our technology solutions can adapt to any situation and any customer. Our customized phone setup ensures you have the best call flow, and we align our own processes to match our customers’. With custom prompts for phone interpreters and metadata capture, we can tailor any interpretation experience to fit a specific industry or need.

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Want to Learn More About Our Technology Solutions for Phone Interpretation?

With over 350 languages in interpretation, we can enable effective multilingual communication from anywhere. Contact us today. 

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