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The future is global. But we knew that 20 years ago.

Since our founding in 1996, we have been perpetually obsessed with spreading messages to the world with passion, energy and humanity. But we don’t want you to assume we’re the best at what we do just because we’ve been doing this for a long time. We are convinced, though, that you will see our wisdom and expertise shine through in everyone you meet throughout your project.

A platform to connect you with the world.

To take your message across the globe, we know we need to be able to take you there. Not just to our offices, but to our network of over 500,000 people who care as much about the nuances of their language as you do about your brand. That way we can ensure that your message is being cared for not just by people, but by the right people.

There’s no substitute for human intelligence.

We were one of the first companies to incorporate machine learning into our offerings. And we supply some of the best digital personal assistants with their colloquial knowledge. But we know, at its core, communication always comes with a human touch.

Satisfaction is a good start.

Since the very beginning, Lionbridge has known that satisfying clients is not enough. Because there is always room above and beyond satisfaction to really be the gold standard. And technology, techniques and operations that are satisfactory one day may be obsolete the next. It’s why we’re never satisfied, and why we are always looking not for what’s now, but for what’s next.

Chances are, we speak your industry.

Our global Cloud-to-Crowd network ensures the people working on your project know their language, and your business.

> Automotive
> Banking and Finance
> Customer Care
> Games
> Industrial Manufacturing
> Legal
> Life sciences
> Retail
> Technology
> Travel and Hospitality

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Over 6,000 employees across solution centres in 27 countries

As the world's largest professional translation and localisation company, Lionbridge combines the language expertise and operational capabilities you need to engage the global consumer with the greatest impact.

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