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Our people are our pride, helping companies resonate with their customers for 20+ years. 

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Lionbridge Cloud

A cloud localization service and platform for any content stream in any language.

Make Multilingual Content Your Strategic Asset

Leverage Lionbridge’s AI-powered localization platform to gain a competitive advantage in digital marketplaces.

Companies that sell their products online are more likely to come out ahead when they can create and deliver personalized content to more customers across many languages and digital channels.

Those that manage multilingual content strategically gain an advantage over their competitors by better communicating their corporate values and product information to their prospective customers. Yet communicating at scale with global audiences can be challenging.

An effective localization partner and modern localization platform can support that mission and help companies craft satisfying digital experiences for their customers. 

Why Choose the Lionbridge Cloud?

It’s smart

What you get:

  • Access to the Lionbridge Laⁱnguage Cloud™, a modern, AI-powered localization platform
  • Access to the localization platform at no extra cost 
  • Automated routing to the correct workflow and translator
  • Automated selection of the best Machine Translation (MT) engine
  • Content insights and performance analytics 

It’s scalable

What you can do:

It offers easy connectivity

What you get:

  • Access to Smaⁱrt MT™ 
  • Localization platform connectivity via Laⁱnguage Cloud Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) 
  • Access to a suite of Laⁱnguage Cloud connectors for integrations with the leading CMS, DAM, and PIM systems
  • Support for a wide range of file formats

How Epson Europe Scaled Their Localization Capabilities With Lionbridge Cloud

When one of the world’s largest computer printer manufacturers needed ultra-fast delivery of its translation project, it turned to Lionbridge for help. Epson Europe needed 147 InDesign files to be translated in two weeks as part of a high-visibility marketing campaign for its EcoTank inkjet printer. 

Lionbridge did not disappoint. 

Key Components of the Lionbridge Cloud

The Lionbridge Cloud brings together people, processes, and technology to help customers scale their localization programs.


Lionbridge works with large groups of language experts, translators, and localization specialists who are at the core of every successful project. 

The Lionbridge Cloud enables our customers to tap into a large pool of diverse resources proficient in engineering and Desktop Publishing (DTP), enabling them to scale their internal team.   


Our nearly 30 years of localization experience, working for leading brands across dozens of industries, brings numerous lessons and best practices into our technology and localization methodology.  


The Lionbridge Cloud leverages Lionbridge’s proprietary localization platform, the Laⁱnguage Cloud, as the foundation of localization programs. It uses AI technology like Smaⁱrt Content™ and Smaⁱrt MT to help customers benefit from the latest developments in Natural Language Processing (NLP). 

The Laⁱnguage Cloud uses these technologies to automatically select the correct translator, workflow, or Machine Translation (MT) engine to execute the work. The same technology can be used to generate content insights to help customers make content strategy choices.  

Looking for Other Options? Consider One of Our Other Recommended Service Models.

The Lionbridge Cloud provides a localization platform and shared resources to enable our customers to scale their localization programs fast while complying with their terminology and maintaining a consistent brand voice to reach their content goals. Our other service models meet alternative needs.

Smaⁱrt MT Portal

A self-service, real-time text and document translation tool that works best for users who need automated translations for understanding and have low-visibility content, such as internal documents or chats.


An online, self-service translation platform that works best for teams that need to translate general business documents quickly but want to avoid the complexities of managing individual translators.

Get started


Lionbridge Enterprise

A specialized localization service that works best for teams that require tailored localization services for non-standard needs. Lionbridge partners with the customer to design production processes, define quality standards, and build dedicated teams to meet their needs. 

Still have questions? Talk to our teams to select the best solution.

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