Lionbridge Enterprise

A bespoke localization service with a high degree of integration with your localization workflows.

Use the Lionbridge Enterprise to Power the Most Sophisticated Localization Workflows

Scale your localization programs. Build custom localization solutions. Deliver outstanding digital experiences.

Building a minimalistic and intuitive digital experience is just part of the challenge of communicating with global audiences. Talking to them in dozens of languages is another challenge. 

The Lionbridge Enterprise is a specialized localization service designed for large localization programs that deal with the complexity of dozens of content streams, digital channels, and file formats that must be delivered into hundreds of languages. 

Why Choose the Lionbridge Enterprise?

It’s smart

What you get:

It’s scalable

What you can do:

  • Build and scale a dedicated translation community 
  • Build a dedicated all-star localization team 
  • Access best-of-breed Machine Translation by being able to leverage the five leading MT engines
  • Design any number of custom workflows 

It offers easy connectivity

What you get:

  • Access to Smart MT™ 
  • Localization platform connectivity via Language Cloud Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Access to a suite of Language Cloud connectors
  • Support for any content type and file format
  • Connectivity to any third-party or proprietary system

How Lionbridge Helped Le Monde Grow Its Global Subscriber Base by Breaking News in English

It’s not easy to translate the news, yet translation is an effective strategy for news organizations seeking to increase their readership. Lionbridge built a customized solution for Le Monde that incorporated cutting-edge technology and a global team of translators. The initiative motivated thousands of people to subscribe to the English language publication.  

Key Components of the Lionbridge Enterprise

We created the Lionbridge Enterprise to support the most complex and challenging localization workflows. It combines three key components for a complete and fully customizable localization solution: people, processes, and technology.


Tap into Lionbridge’s translation community and network of localization specialists to build your dedicated and curated localization team for every content stream. Our large, dedicated translation community can support any localization requirements.


The Lionbridge Enterprise relies on Lionbridge’s proprietary platform, Language Cloud, to drive the standardization of processes and localization workflows. Built on 25+ years of localization experience, Lionbridge has ingrained an extensive set of best practices, methodologies, and safeguards into its technology to ensure compliance and efficiency. 


The Lionbridge Enterprise leverages the Language Cloud as the foundation of any localization program. It uses AI technology like Smart Content and Smart MT to help customers benefit from the latest developments in Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The Language Cloud uses these technologies to automatically select the appropriate translator, workflow, or Machine Translation engine to execute the work. The same technology can be used to generate content insights to help customers make content strategy choices.  

Looking for Other Options? Consider One of Our Other Recommended Service Models.

The Lionbridge Enterprise provides a tailored localization service for highly specialized content workflows. Lionbridge partners with the customer to design production processes, define quality standards, and build dedicated teams to meet their needs. Our other service models meet alternative needs.

Smart MT Portal

A self-service, real-time text and document translation tool that works best for users who need automated translations for understanding and have low-visibility content, such as internal documents or chats.


An online, self-service translation platform that works best for teams that need to translate general business documents quickly but want to avoid the complexities of managing individual translators.

Get started


Lionbridge Cloud

A managed localization service that works best for teams that need external production to standardize their localization workflows and extend their capacity to handle large, recurring streams of content using state-of-the-art technology and localization workflows. It comes with access to the Lionbridge Language Cloud localization platform and a wealth of localization services and connectivity options. 


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