If your customers can’t read it, they won’t buy it. From websites to packaging to documentation, turning your words into a language your customers understand is critical to the success of your product or service.

High-quality translation services for all content types

Accurate and timely translation services are essential to the success of any global business these days. But consider the challenges. You might be a large organization that’s overwhelmed with work. Or you could be a smaller business lacking translation resources. In either situation, outsourcing to a vendor with a global presence and extensive translation experience can be a smart solution.

At Lionbridge, we help global companies translate their words into more than 350 languages, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Lionbridge Translation Solutions

We offer technology solutions that streamline the process, track translation orders, and enhance productivity.

For a fully outsourced solution, use onDemand Translation for accurate, culturally-relevant translations. A self-service, cloud-based delivery model, onDemand saves you time and money without sacrificing quality or customer service. 

Or, if your organization has the resources to oversee the translation and localization process directly, use our suite of managed language services for a customized, hands-on approach. In this process, translation projects are submitted and tracked through Freeway, Lionbridge’s secure, web-based translation portal. 

case study

Translation Services: Case Study


A global auto manufacturer needed to manage a range of technical, warranty, and owner guide content support in 40 different languages. The goal was to better manage all the translation requests that came from multiple offices around the world. The client also wanted to streamline all their projects globally via their Content Management System (CMS).

We created a dedicated project management team to oversee the entire project. We also set up regional teams for seamless coverage, with in-country offices used for APA languages. With the client’s help, we also developed customized tools that enabled us to process over 10,000 files for production per month.

Cost reduction: We leveraged translation from the same CMS. Improved efficiencies: We established a unified translation process of all group locations and improved their ability to meet global launch deadlines.Clear communications: We created clear points of contact at Lionbridge to reduce inefficiencies; everyone knew who was responsible for what.

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