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Finding smart, experienced legal staff as part of your talent acquisition for your law firm or corporate legal department can be a challenge. Finding these resources for your offices around the world is even more complex.

Expand legal staff and add multilingual capabilities

Locating and placing qualified on-site legal assistance can be a complex process, particularly when staff with multilingual capabilities are required. It takes time and uses resources that could be used for other purposes. Even once you’ve found someone, you might be uncertain that you’ve found the best candidate.

Lionbridge staffing solutions puts this doubt to rest. Our global footprint spans 40+ offices in over two dozen countries. This allows us to quickly enlist in-country language resources around the globe and provide secure facilities to meet any applicable confidentiality or data-handling specifications involved in your talent acquisition.

We’ll assemble a multilingual team that consists of highly accomplished linguists and professional translators and work with you to customise an on-site solution that meets your linguistic, subject-matter, location, and turnaround requirements. Many of our translators also have JDs, PhDs, MBAs, and similar qualifications.

Depending on your needs, on-site multilingual staff can often be arranged in as little as 24 hours. In some cases, an expert – or even a whole team – can arrive the very same day.

Lionbridge’s staffing solutions include professional legal translators, as well as resources such as expert legal translators, bilingual lawyers, and support personnel to help you in many ways:

  • Perform full translation of designated files
  • Edit or review internally generated translations
  • Produce oral or written summaries of foreign-language files
  • Determine the relevance of foreign-language files
  • Code or index foreign-language files to a database
  • Provide essential support for multilingual discovery
  • Offer team leadership and support for your language-skilled staff
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